Family Support Groups

Family Support Groups are always free and open to the community. Support groups provide families and caregivers with the emotional support and education they need to better understand Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Support groups are designed for families and friends. Attendance is not recommended for persons with dementia.

Our volunteer support group facilitators receive specialized training about Alzheimer’s disease and group facilitation techniques, as well as ongoing support and evaluation. Solicitation of support group facilitators and members to promote specific products and services is not permitted.

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Family Support Groups

Expressions of Gratitude

“I can never put into words what your support group did for me. I was sinking in the third ring of hell with no help from anyone.
My life was saved with the ability of strangers to share and make me feel part of the world once more.”

“What you are doing has extreme importance and merit! I will cherish the memories; laughter, sharing, new friendships.
What a very special unique group, tossed together briefly on the sea of life. How wonderful you all are!”

For more information about our Family Support Groups, please call 973.586.4300