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The 68%68% of New Jersey residents know someone impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. We want to hear those voices. Let the Garden State know how Alzheimer’s disease impacts the person diagnosed and those they know and love. We invite you to share your story using the submission form below, and we encourage you to share a photo. By submitting via this form, you are giving ALZNJ permission to use your story on social media, in newsletters, and other outlets as we raise awareness during this campaign. How has Alzheimer’s disease changed your life – your family relationships – your friendships  – the financial and emotional stress?

The question is often asked: “Who cares for the caregiver?” At Alzheimer’s New Jersey, we do. And we want to help amplify your stories for the rest of New Jersey to learn from. You’re already in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Now, it’s time to get the rest of our state to join in. Because tragically, whether they know it or not, many of them will be forced into it in 2020 and beyond. And when they are, we’ll be here for them. #FightALZ

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