It’s letters like these that make it all worth while for us at Alzheimer’s New Jersey. A huge thanks to Barbara and Dana.

Two years ago, my daughter and I decided to take a stand against Alzheimers. My beloved brother-in-law Jig had been suffering with this monstrous killer for about 9 years. Watching his decline and the brave fight my sister Fran, Jig’s wife, fought and continues to fight made us feel helpless. We decided it was time to fight back. Prayers were not enough! We decided our team’s name would be Team Jig, so that Jig would be front and center in our minds. We fundraised via email, snail mail, Facebook and talked to everyone we knew to help support our team in this fight. We believe we can make a difference and agreed that each year, our team we would be a part of Alzheimer’s New Jersey. So, here we are again.

Because, if not us then who?

If not now, then when?

Team Jig Co-Captains
Barbara DeLellis & Dana Tozzi