Addressing Memory Concerns: The Importance of Seeking a Medical Evaluation and How to Prepare for a Medical Appointment

Seeking a medical evaluation for concerns about memory changes is vital for many reasons. The cause of memory decline may be treatable. Getting a diagnosis can also help plan for the future, which includes education about Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia and becoming familiar with the community resources available for families. However, those who experience memory changes are often overwhelmed and hesitant to get a diagnosis. Questions that often arise are: What type of doctor should one go to? Should a family member(s) attend the appointment as well? How will going to the doctor help? What will the doctor do at the appointment? These are all common concerns that can cause undue stress for everyone involved.

Activities at Home: Effectively Engaging an Individual with Dementia

This program is designed to help caregivers identify and implement activities that match the abilities and preferences of a person with dementia. Caregivers will learn how Alzheimer’s disease affects the person’s ability to complete tasks and obtain strategies for how [View More]

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